1 Tea Made Into 8 Drinks

  1. drink made in 7 totally different ways for 1 day:
Kick Off the Morning with a Little Fizz
  1. Morning Buzz – if you are anything like me, that first cup of tea is so important and needed. So, let’s not mess with this;

Ceylon Black loose leaf tea, brewed dark and strong for 4 minutes, no sugar or milk.

Aaahhhh….now, the day can star

2. Weekend Fizz – for those lazy brunches with friends


4 clementines 

1 blood orange/orange

½ lemon

½ lime

1 bottle of chilled sparling tea like @CopenhagenSparklingTea Company, either their Rose or Darjeeling First Flush.  The alcoholic versions work really well too.


Peel the clementines and put those aside

Juice all the citrus fruits, strain and pour into a glass jug and stir in the peels.

Serve 15-20ml of the citrus juice in a champagne glass and top with the sparling tea

Tea Cocktails – Your Elevenses

3. Elevenses – grown up version of a mid-morning drink, its ok, legally you can drink when the pubs open, right?!


½ lime

4 apples, a mix of Cox’s Orange Pippin or Braeburn and Bramley, will give you sweetness and tartness, sliced, reverse some for garnish

4 Earl on the Moor tea bags

250g sugar

250ml filtered water

50ml whisky, you can leave this out if its too early in the day for you.

Chilled tonic water @TwelveBelow; Apple and Garden Mint

Ice cubes


In a pan, place the lime, apples, Earl on the Moor teabags, sugar and water

Gently simmer until the apples are soft, mash the fruits gently and remove from heat.

Once cool, strain and squeeze the lime half into a jug.

Tea Service – pour in 50ml of the tea syrup per person, 50ml of whisky, ice cubes, top with tonic water and garnish with the apple slices and mint.

4. Lunch Lites – a little digestive after a good filling meal

Golden Light, cold brewed herbal infusion which you can make ahead of time and personalise it anyway you want.


6g/2 tea bags of Empa-Tea, per person

200ml of freshly filtered water

½ lemon or any other citrus fruit, peels

½ thumb of ginger, finely sliced

A few crushed pink peppercorns


Cold brew Empa-Tea in the water overnight or a minimum of 4 hours with the lemon peels, ginger and crushed pink peppercorn.

Strain and sip

Tea Mocktails – You can Drink this All Day Long

5. Tea thermals – when on your rambles, this tea is rich and spicy, exactly what you look forward to when you get to midway


6g/2 tea bags of black tea, Ceylon or Assam or Nilgiri are perfect for this

200ml of oat milk (it’s the best alternative to diary) or you can make it 50-50 with water.

A list of spices but I will leave the amounts up to you; cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, black peppercorn, chilli flakes, coriander, etc.

50ml of whisky/brandy (you can leave this out if you don’t want to stumble back home)


Place the milk (and water) tea and spices in a pan heat gently to a simmer, the longer the better.

Strain into your travel flask

When serving, pour into the 50ml alcohol and top up with the tea.

6. Whipped

This is really fortifying in the mornings too.  A combination that may sound slightly strange, but bear with me – you will change your mind when you drink it.


2 eggs, 1 yolk and whites of both

6g/1 tea bag of Ceylon Black tea

100 ml of freshly filtered water


Boil the water and brew the tea for 7-8 minutes.  You want a really strong robust brew for this.

Whip the egg yolk and whites until really frosty and gently add the tea in small amounts keep whisking.

7. Aperitif

Pre-dinner drinks, tea’s tannins can whet your appetite


3g/1 tea bag of Dark Romance

200ml freshly filtered and boiled water

10ml apple cider vinegar

Cocoa shells for garnish

Chilled tonic water

Or chilled sparkling wine to top up


Cold brew the tea and use 20-30ml per serving

Muddle the Dark Romance tea, apple cider vinegar and top with tonic water or sparkling wine.

Garnish with cocoa shells.

Whet Your Appetite

 8. Snooze Button

Keeping this fresh and light before lights out


2 sprigs of mint or, any other fresh garden herb.  You can combine 2-3 herbs

200ml freshly filtered water, boiled


Place the herbs in a teapot and pour in the hot water and brew for 5-6 minutes.

Sip and then its zzzzzz………..

Sleepy Teas…