10 Smart Business Advice I was Given

When I made the transition from the corporate to running my own business, there were elements I was confident about.  I knew my skills and experiences in planning, organisation and administration would be transferable into my new venture.  For the briefest moment I thought about studying a business course but that was only the briefest moment.

Why do you start your own business?  Financial freedom? The good things?  Time?
What ever your reasons for starting your own business, you will find reasons to find true to your path

You learn so much on the ‘job’ and I wanted to get going.

The lessons have come in many forms and sometimes all at the same time!  The really tough lessons ones that have cost a lot of money, the ones that railroad you off your schedule, the rabbit holes you end up in and some of the terrible advice given.

Though there has been advice given that been immensely valuable:

  1. Have a plan, then plan some more and plan more.
  2. Believe in yourself. Know in yourself that this dream of yours will become a reality.
  3. Set realistic goals for yourself; daily, quarterly, annually or for your 5/10-year plan ones.
  4. Ask for help.  Advice and help could be with your daily tasks to professional help.
  5. Call on your talents, skills and experience. Draw and trust these.
  6. Get a fantastic team around you.  From the friends who will take you out for a drink just because to hiring great people to help you.
  7. When things and people get overwhelming, don’t make any decisions, walk away from it for a while.  Time and distance will give you a different perception.
  8. Make yourself uncomfortable. Put yourself out there; network, talk to people you won’t ordinarily speak to, say yes to things.
  9. Your business may need to pivot, that’s ok to change direction. It will organically grow.
  10. Know when you need to quit; from a process, or client, or professional relationship or your business.

This list retracts and expands as I continue on this journey.

Success should be measured by how many times you refused to give up after failure
Proverb – Its not going to be smooth path, what counts to the dusting off and moving on with a smile.