5 Benefits of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Tea

The tropical island of Sri Lanka with its lush rain-forests and mountains to turquoise seas lies just south of the tip of India.  Tea has been grown for more than 150 years.  Ceylon tea has a world renowned reputation and it’s a brand in itself.  The terroir of the rich mountains and rain-forests give Ceylon tea it’s distinctive and recognised flavours.  The unique seasonal monsoon winds and rains give the teas grown on the island a unique aroma and strength.  This is sought after flavour profile is sought after by world markets.

Coconut groves are common all over the island

The central region of Sri Lanka is mountainous.  The terroir of the island is unique and this gives the tea its distinctive taste.  The 2 monsoon seasons from two opposite sides of the islands, the rich and fertile soils of the mountains and the tropical winds gives Sri Lanka unequalled growing condition.  The teas grown in the mountains are world renowned and are a sought-after seasonal crop.

Sri Lanka has a reputation for fine teas for these reasons:

  1. Sri Lanka has 7 different tea growing regions and each of these has a distinctive flavour profile. These are unique to Sri Lanka.  Tea is grown on the mountains, the slopes and the low lands.  The seasonal trade winds, hot summers and the dry season means that the teas peak at certain times of the year. 

Teas grown in these regions of Sri Lanka are strictly controlled. To bear the name of the district is to indicate the taste of that region. The micro-climate and rich fertile soil gives Ceylon tea its distinctive flavour profiles.  From rich dark brews for breakfast to lighter afternoon teas. 

There is a distinctive taste of coconut in the teas of Ceylon
  • 2. Teas from the mountains and hills of Sri Lanka are harvested by hand.  The tea pickers will carefully pluck only the buds and leaves that are at its best.  Rather than harvesting by machine which is done indiscriminately.
  • 3. World renowned reputation of growing, harvesting and processing the finest black teas.  A similar reputation for growing, harvesting and processing green teas is widely becoming recognised by the rest of the world.
World famous reputation for fine teas
  • 4. Tea has antioxidants properties, with a large proportion of catechins which is naturally occurring antioxidants in tea.
  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee, less calories and what we use Ceylon tea for most; blending.  It’s such a fantastic tea for highlight and to support herbs, spices, flowers and fruits.
Coconut groves on the tropical island of Sri Lanka
Blending with Ceylon Black and Green Teas , what we do at Miss TeaSmith