5 of the World’s Sexiest Teas

Tea blends that you take to the bedroom
Cosy Corner and Tea

What’s the sexiest organ in your body?  The brain! The list below is to only to help…

  1. Nuts – Pistachios in a tea blend.  These particular nuts are known for their nutritious properties and are particularly rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats qualities.  Studies have not firmly concluded that it does not have any aphrodisiac properties.   However, a wee group you had 100g a day, did show increased blood flow…

I found the perfect one and its caffeine free too at the most amazing French tea company – Mariage Fréres.  The name of this blend is as apt as well; Sweet Pistachio Date!  Mariage Fréres @TheCulturedCup has recently opened a tea shop in Covert Garden, London, stylish and calm in a hectic city.  They have a beautiful online shop and I have put the link to this infusion given below.

2. Fiery and hot – Chilli.  Historically it’s thought to trigger amorous feelings, so this is based on those fables and myths. I have a few recommendations;

A little heat in your evening cocktail and alcohol-free – Bloody Mary from Fortnum & Mason @fortnums.  The link to this particular tea is below, but as I am sure you know Fortnum & Mason are famous for their large range of teas.

The other recipe that uses chilli in a tea blend is an Indian chai.  Now, that’s gotta be served hot and steamy!

Chilli - Think of it as a weapon to use in your tea blend!
Red Hot Chilli in Your Chai

3. Chocolate – what holds and gives its rich, dark and gooey flavours – cocoa shells and nibs.  I have blended licorice in this tea; Dark Romance to enhance and balance these bold tastes.  Marrying the chocolate and licorice gives a double helping for that before bed treat.

You can now register on my website to receive 10% and free postage when we launch this in a few weeks’ time.

Rich and dark sweetness, the shells and nibs have the most flavour and frangrance
Chocolate Shells In A Tea Blend – Rich and Dark
  • 4. Cherry – this lavish and juicy fruit has been tamed into a blend with white tea.  Pop it into your tea cup all year round to remind you of summer evenings. 

This blend is from Camellia Sinensis @CamelliaSinensis.T based in Canada.  Their range of worldwide teas is for the serious tea drinker.  The link for the cherry tea is given below and I would highly recommend looking at their website for some really beautiful teas.

5. Honey – sweet and sticky, spoon some from your honey pot and let it slowly dribble into your lemon and ginger infusion.  It’s not just considered an aphrodisiac but soothes many ills and may even sweeten your tongue!

I know you will have a number of infusions in your tea cupboard to complete our 5 Sexiest Teas in the World.  So, I will let you have free rein to choose and brew a cup or two….



Tea in a Cup and a Blanket
Bedtime Treats!!