My Story

Born in Sri Lanka, I call London home, and forged a rewarding career in financial services. But even still, the dream of owning and cultivating my own Tea House stayed with me, and grew from a dream to a goal.

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In 2014, I retrained as a pastry chef at Le Corden Bleu. Using this new found training, and an already established obsession with anything sweet, I started baking and selling free-from and vegan cakes and patisserie in east London farmers markets.

Out of sheer love and enjoyment, I started concocting my own Ceylon (Sri Lankan) blends, using endless spices and flora. Even though I do make a mean vegan chocolate cake, it was my teas people were taken by. They were different, fresh, quirky, but respectful of tradition.

I loved the creativity of bringing flavours together. Especially the long conversations with customers at the markets, talking about tea and the best food pairing options. The results of those helpful comments and feedback from you are what’s on offer now.

I worked for the UK Tea Academy where I learnt, brewed and drank litres of tea. All in the line of work.

I have been refining the blends that were on offer at the markets and now we have some distinctive flavours for you.

About Our Teas

Only the best

We source teas from all over Sri Lanka – from the cool mountains to the hot and abundant plains. The terroir of these different regions naturally leads itself to blending teas with subtle and fuller flavours.

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For the more subtle blends, we use black tea from the highlands. The humidity and the contrast of cool temperatures and the rich soil produce a delicate aroma and flavour.

For a fuller punchier taste, we use tea from the lower slopes and plains, which have a richer flavour with a real kick to it.

Sri Lanka’s unique landscape gives its teas its renowned complexity in flavour and its characteristic strength and fragrance. Tea estates in Sri Lanka have a long established tradition of nurturing and producing fabulous teas.

Knowing which tea varieties will thrive in a particular soil is as important as choosing the right vine for a vineyard. The tea growers nurture the plants and, just at the right time, carefully hand-pick the leaves.

These are dried, heated and rolled to bring out their unique flavour. Turning the raw tea leaves into the drink we know and love. In this artisan method of processing, the tea leaves remain whole, perfectly preserving their complex, sweet and aromatic flavours.

Just like it takes an excellent sommelier to recommend the perfect wine for a meal, it takes a deep understanding of tea to blend it and add other flavours. We combine some of the worlds’ most sophisticated teas with dried flowers, herbs and spices to give them a unique and exciting character. From Sri Lanka to your home