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Fannings in a Teabag

What’s in Your Tea Bags? Dust or Fannings?

Tea bags have a bad rep nowadays.  Not surprising given that some supermarkets and brands use grades of tea which gives your brew the strongest colour in the quickest time.  It’s convenient to use teabags at certain times.  Easy enough to plop a bag in, dip the bag a few times in hot water, take…

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Where to Store Your Tea?

You have got some amazing tea and you want to make sure it stays fresh and tastes as good as the first cup. The tea may have come in a tin, glass jar, paper or foil packet, or you may have been given a sample in a reseal-able bag. The Ideal Spot Tea needs to…

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Tea and Mindfulness … and Love Island

I was at an event recently where the speakers asked if anyone in the audience meditated at all.  There was a wide range of answers; from those who set time aside usually at the same hour religiously every day to others who dip in and out or those who they (think) don’t meditate at all.…

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How Brown is your Every Day Cup of Black Tea?

I once heard a management consultant say he takes a brown colour chart from a DIY store with him to each new project.  When he is asked if he wants tea and how he takes it.  All he has to do is point to the shade of brown on the colour chart, showing how strong…

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Your Tea Drinking Habits – Ingrained or Open to Change?

Hello! I want to understand how and why you drink tea, do you drink black tea only(with milk and sugar) and at a particular time of day? Or do you drink tea though-out the day?  Do you drink tea blends or tisanes(herbal tea) for example green tea and jasmine or green tea and lemon? How…

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