Behind the Scenes of a Tea Blend Creation

An Easy Dessert – Chocolate and Mint Tea Blend

Our tea blends are inspired by nature and your lifestyle.  A tea that is the answer to that craving you have after a meal.  The things you look for in a pudding; lushness, chocolateyness, dark , hint of sweetness and leaves you minty fresh.

I have a variety of mints in my garden and then I read about chocolate mint and I thought, probably just a hint of mint and chocolate.  Oh NO! It’s not subtle at all, it’s amazing how powerful the fragrance and flavour of chocolate mint is.

So, the idea for Dark Romance started with that first compelling sniff of a twig of chocolate mint. 

The fun really starts now, to answer YOUR question of a dessert in a drink, what ingredients works to highlight and round off that wonderful meal?  As with most of our teas, we source our teas from Sri Lanka so a robust Ceylon Black tea gives it a solid foundation.

To enhance that just had dessert feeling, we sprinkled in some cocoa shells (releases flavours slowly).  Followed by a healthy handful of chocolate mint leaves.  The surprise is the liquorice which rounds and puts its arms out to hold all the flavours in harmony.

Took a bit of time and trials to perfect it, we are sure you would agree with us once you taste it.

Tea Pairing

You really won’t need anything else with this tea but if you must, then we would recommend dark chocolate desserts, goes rather smoothly with caramel and with strong cheeses

All the richness and lushness of chocolate