Christmas Cake – My Mother’s Recipe – Stage 3

The baked Christmas cake has had 4/5 days to rest and recuperate.  At this stage, you could feed the cake more brandy and let it rest for a further few days.  Or you could break up the cake, adding more whisky and jam to balance the rich flavours.  Since the cake is rather rich, this time I added Blackberry jam to enhance the sweetness and fragrance.  Any tart jam would work well.  I think this stage is essential especially if you are going to ice your cake.


50ml brandy (either for feeding or if you breaking is up and adding jam)

520g of Blackberry jam (a jam that is quite tart would suit best)



Break up the cake into a large bowl, not quite crumble but small enough to be able to absorb the jam.

Balancing Act

Add the brandy and stir in the jam.  It’s quite a lot of mixture and at this stage, I prefer to use my hands to mix it all in together.  Keep the mixing action as light as possible since you want to keep the pieces from getting any smaller.

Crumbled and Mixed

Line the two trays, used to bake the cakes in, with greaseproof paper.

Distribute the mixture evenly into the trays and press it down to firm up.  Use the back of a spoon to get a smooth finish.

Back in the tray for another rest

Wrap the trays in cling film and leave in a cool and dark place to mature.

To be tucked in…