Christmas Punch

This recipe is for kids to the grandparents. Its got depth, its dark and fragrant as Christmas nights and makes room for your additions (see suggestions below)


220ml filtered water

100g sugar

2/3 teaspoon of Dark Romance; Ceylon black tea, cocoa, liquorice

100ml lime juice

100ml tangerine/clementine juice

200ml rum/your local liquor (adjust if using less)

200ml grapefruit juice and zest

200ml orange juice and zest


Make a tea syrup with water, sugar and Dark Romance: place all the ingredients in a pan and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool and strain.

Once cool, mix with other ingredients and mix well. At this stage you can leave the rum out. Chill thoroughly and divide the punch if you are making some for those not wanting alcohol.

Fill a glass with the punch, top with ice cubes and pour over some grenadine or some bitters or your local tipple ….to top up!


Christmas punch and tea cocktails all in one. Depth and character for those who are not drinking alcohol.  Starting dry January in December