Cut Down on Coffee

Something new for your morning mug

Want to kick your caffeine addition to the curb? Trying to find a healthy and tasty drink other than water? Or want something warm and cosy to sip on before bedtime? Additionally most herbal teas are chock-full of good-for-you vitamins and antioxidants. Just one morning mug can serve you many health benefit;

– from reducing internal inflammation

-to detoxing (and de-bloating!)

-to naturally cutting down anxiety, thanks to L-theanine, an amino acid found in many teas.

No matter your reason for giving up or reducing caffeine trying any of these teas, you’re guaranteed to reap some goodness from them. For those who love coffee but want to give up it up, we’ve included the best caffeinated teas that’ll give you just enough kick without any jitters. If you are going to go cold turkey and want to ditch caffeine altogether, we’ve included caffeine-free herbal infusions. One of these will become on your favourites:

Here are the best types of teas to try in 2021.

Ceylon Black Tea
Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea

Naturally Caffeinated 

One of the healthiest beverages on the planet, steeped black tea is abundant in antioxidants that reduce inflammation, contains L-theanine (which is both calming and has been said to boost brain function), and is a natural superfood that helps to balance blood sugar levels. Plus, it’s one of the teas featuring the highest concentration of caffeine. 

Recommend – Earl on the Moor –

Peppermint Tea


This herbal infusion is known for being the therapist of teas. As in, it’s very calming and full of brain- and emotion-soothing benefits. A popular night-time tea (thanks to zero caffeine), peppermint tea helps with digestion, as well as aids in settling an upset stomach and reducing bloating.

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea


Say hello to bloat’s biggest enemy — and indigestion, too. This herbal infusion is incredibly soothing and boasts detoxing abilities. It tastes warm and slightly spicy(that’s the pink peppercorn), and it’s also great when paired with lemon and honey. Ginger tea is known to be extra beneficial for those experiencing a cold, sinus allergies, a headache, stomach discomfort, or nausea. But really, it’s a secret weapon to have on hand after a weekend of over-indulgence.

Recommend – Empa-Tea –



The most caffeinated option available, matcha is technically the same as green tea — but instead of just steeping tea leaves in water, you’re actually consuming it whole in the form of matcha powder. However, it’s also a really powerful superfood, which makes it even more compelling as a switch for dehydrating coffee. Expect healthy features that range from high levels of antioxidants (that fight off cancer and reduce inflammation) to L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress. So you’re getting almost the same amount of caffeine as cup of coffee, but without the jitters and with a whole lot of other benefits. Dust some in your smoothies and lattes.

Hibiscus Tea


With a robust flavour that’s both tart and fruity, hibiscus tea certainly isn’t your basic mug of steeped tea leaves. It’s got some extra zing and taste that makes it ideal for those who don’t prefer the taste of tea and are looking for a substitute to more sugary beverages throughout the day. It’s great served both cold and hot, and it has been said to help lower blood pressure and boost the immune system – vitamin C and iron.

Chamomile Tea


Consider this your new sleepy-time tea, but you can drink it just as easily as your hot beverage in the morning, too. It’s a favourite bedtime tea thanks to an antioxidant called apigenin, which can help decrease anxiety and initiate sleep. It doesn’t contain caffeine, but offers a more robust flavour than more mild teas like green and ginger — which means you might get a slightly more coffee-related fix taste-wise. 

Pu-erh Tea


Another high-caffeine option on the list, this ancient tea traditionally hails from China. It has a deep, rich flavour that many consider earthy, and the tea leaves are fermented before being brewed with water. Pairs really well with food as it aids in digestion.

Rooibos Tea


Perhaps one of the most,  gut-friendly teas on this list. They are rich in fibre and prebiotics. This does so much good – de-bloat, detox, or soothe any IBS-related issues. It’s full of vitamins, including vitamin A, which helps to support vision and plays a critical role in immune health. This makes a great option to sip on throughout the day.