DIY – Your Own Herbal Infusions

Spring is a time you notice new growth.  As winter recedes, from the bareness comes forth new growth and colour.  When you walk the dog or on those long weekend walks, a bit of foraging could bring new and natural tastes to your tea cup.

Daily walks
A solitary tree, though it does not look lonely, does it?

These are only guidelines; please make sure you can collect/pluck these from parks or the countryside.  Absolutely make sure that these are compatible with any medication you are currently taking or if you allergic. 

Walks that should have been for an hour or two have turned out to be longer. As I found I have meandered off the path and collected seasonal leaves, flowers, steam, buds.  As with any foraging, I am mindful of only taking what I need and leaving plenty to nature.

The fragrance and feel of these brings new ideas for tea blends and infusions.

These are seasonal pickings:

  • Birch leaf – the bright green leaves from spring to early summer.  The fresh leaves can be used for an infusion or they can be dried and used later.
Birch leaves, pick the early spring green leaves only.
Silver sentinels – with Birch leaves

For Spring cleansing, tear up 4 leaves (per person) and place in a cup and pour in 200ml of boiling water.  Let steep for 5-8 minutes.  Its reputed to help with eczema and fevers.

  • Coltsfoot flowers, pick the sunny flowers to ease a sore throat and those seasonal coughs.  A few flowers per person steeped in 200ml of boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Dandelion leaves and flowers – For the day after the night before, cold brew 2.5/3g of Empa-Tea which has lemongrass, ginger and pink peppercorns.  Just want you need to hydrate. Pick 5/6 fresh dandelion flowers and the young leaves, roughly chopped and leave to steep in the fridge with Empa-Tea.    Serve with lots of ice and some fresh sliced ginseng ginger.
Dandelion leaves and flowers, pick as early in the morning as possible
Dandelion leaves and flowers torn up included in Empa-Tea, makes for a refreshing spring mocktail
  • Mint – the first leaves of this clear and clean herb makes a fragrant infusion which helps with indigestion, colds and flus.  There are many varieties of mint, so pick a steam of your favourite flavor, lay it in your cup and pour 200ml of boiling water.  Let it seep for 4/5 minutes, remove and drink
Mint; spearmint, banana, chocolate and any other flavoured mint.
Mint infusions – after and during any meal. Both fresh and dry leaves works really well.

Add a few fennel seeds into the brew, additional help for tummy discomfort. Strain and drink an infusion as often as you can.

To preorder Empa-Tea, please leave your email address and you will get 10% off your first order.  There will be more of these seasonal forage excursions over the course of this year.

Spring and into Summer drinks
Nature and nurturing