Fir, Lime, Rose and Chocolate Mint Infusion

Fir with melting snow, water drops on the ends of the leaves
Winter EverGreen

Bring the heady aromas of Christmas back into the house with this infusion.  Hemlock, spruce or Douglas fir work best.  Foraging in winter. Pick the very tip of the branches; these are the most tender and full of flavour and fragrance.  Rinse well and let them air dry at room temperature on a wire rack for a couple days.  Once they are completely dry, remove the needles (the very end ones) from the woody branches.  You will need around 85g

Makes enough for 10


85g of dried fir tip needles

50g of dried lemon balm

50g dried rose petals

10g of dried lime mint


In a bowl, gently mix all the ingredients.  Keep in an airtight container away from light, like a tin for a month.

To brew:

Hot – steep about 5g of the fir in 200 ml of hot water for 4/5 minutes, strain and inhale a wee bit of Christmas

Cold – steep 5g of the fir (per person) with 250ml of cold water and let steep overnight in the fridge,  add a shot of white rum or vodka for your summer cocktails.

Snow capped Fir