Hacks Every Tea House Should Know

Tea houses, tea rooms, tea bars are all on the rise right across the country.  Coffee shops are now offering a much wider selection of teas and infusions.  Cafes, delis and restaurants are offering tea with and after main meals.

It’s a good kind of storm in a tea cup!

The most elegant teas deserve style when pouring
The Art of Tea – Style and Elegance

It’s exciting to see tea menus at these sort of venues. Offering more diverse flavours and presenting customers with more than just breakfast and afternoon tea blends.  Have you thought about offering blended teas, speciality teas and infusions?  Your customers will be familiar with these but may not have it in their homes.

Make the tea that you offer to your customers that much more special and a point of difference from other establishments by:

  1. Serving not just good tea but fantastic tea by following 3 simple rules; filtered water, right temperature and steep time.
  2. Engage with your customers with suggestions for tea and pair with creations from your kitchen. There are lots of ideas on this very website that you could explore or contact us and we will be happy to chat through ideas with you.
Afternoon tea with all the usual favourites served in style
Traditional Afternoon Tea maybe but Served for the Modern Palate

3. When you serve your teas in teapots, why not encourage your customers to have a mini tea ceremony.  A little Zen time.

4. Provide s/he with a timer so that they are in control of how long and strong they want their brew.  However, recommend the optimum brewing time but s/he/they can then customise the beverage to personal preferences.  I know you don’t want noisy timers going off all over your serene teahouse but sand timers are silent and elegant.

5. When you serve tea as loose leaf, offer a sieve, spoon and a half plate/saucer to place the used tea leaves and sieve on.   Indicate to your customers the suggested steep time and start the timer off for them. 

You could easily put these times and suggestions on your tea menu for when it gets really busy and you won’t get the chance to linger over a chat with your customers.

6. For tea bags, offer a spoon and a saucer/plate where s/he can remove the used tea bags to.

7. No tea leaves or tea bags should be left in the cup or pot past the recommended brew time.  I think most customers would appreciate good advice and enjoy the experience of drinking tea (and eating) so much better if they had tea that was brewed well. 

If the tea leaves or bags are left in the teapot, the last few cups of tea poured will not be like the first few cups and may even be bitter. Not just hacks every tea house or room should know but these practices will mean that your customers’ experience of drinking tea is one that they will want to come back to.

8. Why not recommend a course or particular dish that would pair very well with your tea menu? Happy to help with pairing your food menu with tea, just drop us an email.

Tea Spice Rub
Tea is the Central Ingredient in this Spice Rub

9. Time to start planning your iced tea menus for spring/summer!  Cold brewed teas and infusions make absolutely delicate drinks for tall glasses.  They make great mixers for long summer evenings.

10. Use tea as an ingredient in your baking and food, lots of idea on this page under Tea Pairing

11. Sparking tea?!  Yes! A definite inclusion for your spring and summer collection.  A drink that’s great during the day and into the evening. 

12. Used tea leaves make good companions in the compost heap, far less acidic than coffee grounds.  Customers could take this away for you and it would be free!

You don’t have to extend your range of offers; you just need to present it for what it truly is.  A fantastic service which you already offer.  These are not just hacks that every tea house should know but one which you can use to offer your customers a deeper and richer experience in your tea rooms.

Do get in touch if you want of offer a tea menu specifically for your tea house and I will be happy to talk all things tea and food.

Tea Served Indoors or Outdoors
Who Said you Couldn’t Serve Tea Poolside?