How Brown is your Every Day Cup of Black Tea?

I once heard a management consultant say he takes a brown colour chart from a DIY store with him to each new project.  When he is asked if he wants tea and how he takes it.  All he has to do is point to the shade of brown on the colour chart, showing how strong he likes his tea.

If it’s not strong enough, he would ask for an extra teabag. Pop that in the brew and stir until he had his desired shade of brown.

Black Tea Masquerading as Brown

Well, each to his own…

If, however you want to brew your tea not just for strength but for taste and aroma, you might want to:

(I am going to assume that you are brewing this cup of tea using teabags for convenience.  Probably at your place of work)

  • If using milk, take it out of the fridge. Hope it’s not one of those 2 litre bottles otherwise we have a looonnngg wait. Leave it to come to room temperature. Or you could pour some in another cup and return the milk bottle/carton back to the fridge. Adding cold milk changes the flavour of your tea.

    Tea That’s Been Browned Up

    • Gather all your tea-making kit near the kettle:
    • container/box with black tea bags,
    • your cup/mug (the one that you squirrel away so no one else uses it),
    • sugar/sweetener,
    • teaspoon and,
    • timer
    • whatever else you use to brew tea.
    • Boil freshly drawn water.
    • Place a teabag in your cup/mug. Pour hot water and brew for 3 minutes, or 4 for a stronger drink but really no more. If you must stir, I suppose you must.
    • Remove and discard teabag and now you can enjoy the full flavour of a good strong cup of black tea.
    • If you have milk in your tea, add a splash or slosh of milk. How much milk is dependent on your preference.

      Is there any Tea in this?

    • Add sugar/sweetener and stir.
    • Now, for that aaahhh moment…
    • Don’t forget the washing and tiding up!
    • Colour Matching