How to Blend Tea

Be a Blender – The art of blending tea in your home made easy. 

The art of blending tea. How to make your own tea blends using ingredients like flowers, herbs, spices. Make a tea blend your own . An exclusive blend that is all yours
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Take your favourite black or green tea that’s coming up to its expiry date. Lets start tea blending with small amounts to experiment with and see how you like the taste of it. For ingredients to blend your tea with, step out into your garden, up to your window box or click and buy your favourite herbs, flowers or spices.

Things you will need for tea blending

All the items listed must be clean and bone dry.

Large mixing bowl

Black/green tea

Your choice of fresh/dried flowers, herbs and/or spices

Air tight containers to store your blended teas

All you need are already in your cupboards. With these you can blend a tea that is all your own
How to Blend Tea

Art of Blending

  • Fresh flowers, herbs, leaves, bark, spices or any other ingredient that you are using MUST be cleaned and make sure there are no insects lurking inside.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry your hands, you can use gloves if you wish, but I prefer to feel my tea and blending ingredients
  • Spill a handful, 100g, of tea leaves into your mixing bowl.
  • Fresh flowers, leaves or herbs, depending on the type 5-10g, double this for dried ingredients
  • Blend using your hands, gently so as not to break the tea leaves nor the ingredients
  • Pour into an air tight container and store overnight for fresh but may need longer for dried ingredients.
  • Next day, brew a cup of tea. Do you like the taste of it? If it’s just right, remove the flowers, herbs, leaves, spices and just the tea stays in its container.
  • If you prefer it with more aromas, leave your tea blend for a day or two more.  You can always add more fresh/dried of the same flowers, leaves, spices, herbs to enhance the flavour.
  • Once you are perfectly happy with your blend, you can leave the blending ingredients in the tea tin. They will mellow as time passes.

Brew it up for summer picnics; works wonders as a mixer for tea cocktails, cold brewed teas, ice lollies, cordials, the list is endless.

Here is to you tea lover (blender)!

To serve at a special afternoon tea party, anniversary, weddings, Xmas, Diwali, Make your signature tea blend for you and your family
Your Own Exclusive Tea Blend