How to Make Herbal Tea

Tea that can be customised to your tastes. That’s what home made herbal teas are. The hot stuff is made gently.  There are two ways of making herbal tea; an infusion and the other is decoction.  An infusion is like making ordinary tea; you steep leaves, flowers or tender steams of herbs.  Whereas a decoction is simmering tougher parts of the herb to extract the oils, vitamins and minerals of bark, roots, spices and seeds.

How to Make Herbal Teas. Pick herbs, tender steams, flowers and brew herbal tea.  Easy recipes and cures for home remedies
Crush, Bash and Cut Herbs, Spices and Flowers for Herbal Teas

Fresh or dried herbs can be used to make herbal teas. Crush, roll or tear up the fresh herbs to release its chemical components. If you are using the fresh variety you will need more than the dried sort to get the same taste.  Roughly translates to 1 teaspoon of dried to 3 teaspoon of fresh.  But then this depends on if you are crushing or rolling or tearing it or how much your dried herbs weigh.

The easiest way to do this is to stick to one method e.g. crushing and then you know that you have the right weight. Teaspoons, tablespoons are different as are our tea cups and mugs.  We are creatures of habit and so we tend to use the same spoons, teapot, cup or mugs.

Fresh or dried flowers, herbs, steams or fruits make fantastic ingredients for herbal teas.
Fresh or Dried Flowers for Herbal Tea

Brewing Herbal Tea

  • Boil freshly drawn and filtered water
  • If you are using a teapot or cup to steep your herbal tea, pour some of the hot water into the pot/cup swill and throw out the water.  This will ensure the pot/cup is at the right temperature and will keep your brew as hot as possible
  • Spoon in fresh/dried herb. If you are using spices and/or seeds, bash these to extract as much oils, vitamins and minerals as possible.
  • Pour in freshly boiled water, 220 ml of water per person.
  • Cover (this is absolutely essential) the teapot or if you are brewing herbal tea in a cup/mug cover with a saucer and steep for 10-15 minutes.
  • Strain the leaves/flowers/steams out and sweeten (only if you wish) with local honey and drink.
Natural and inspired by nature, herbal teas for all seasons. Cold infusions to hot teas
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