How to Throw a Tea Party in 5 Easy Steps

Pour joy and laughter

You have been to lots of parties over Christmas and New Year’s and had whale of a time at friends’/families’ homes. Time to return the favour but you want to do it as easily as possible. 

How does just 5 easy steps to achieving that sound?

Let’s start, you will need your tablet/ pen and notebook:

1. Decide on a date, time, venue (your place?) and guest list. Give the guest list some thought, will your great friend Shona get on with your best work buddy Seamus? Invite the chosen few. 

2. Tea – this is the opportunity to be different and bring to your table teas that are full of flavour and bold. 

We would recommend having about 3/5 different teas so people can mix and match with food. 

Black tea 

Dark Roasted Oolong 

Sencha (Green tea)

Jasmine Pearls (hand rolled jasmine infused green tea)

White tea 




Grandmother’s China

3. Food – a little goes a long way. Here is where you can either order the food/canapés/nibbles or make some of your favourite things. If it’s something you enjoy creating/making , you are less likely to be stressed 

4. Setting/decorating – throw a table cloth over your table, bring out plates and cutlery that are mismatched but you and your guests could tell stories about where/how/when it was bought/last used. Serve the tea in your grandmothers cups or those cups that you bought at the local makers craft show.

5. Fill your guests plates with food, overfill the cups with tea, fill the house with music and the fragrance of fresh flowers. Laugh, talk loudly and watch as this tea party heads into the wee hours 

Please send us a picture of the aftermath 😂