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I Gave Up Coffee and How Tea Has Increased My Productivity

Productivity at work by ditching coffee and drinking tea instead
Ditch the Coffee to Increase Your Productivity

This may come as a surprise but I used to drink up to 6 cups of coffee a day!! My cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites had at least 2 shots of expresso in it.  My first cup was after my morning workout, then another one midmorning and by mid-afternoon I needed another! 

This lead to one more by late afternoon and if I was working late, which I invariably did another coffee would be drowned to keep me going.

The strange thing is that I never felt jittery or wired…. maybe it just became the norm.  I was lucky that this habit didn’t mean I had trouble sleeping.

During this period of drinking coffee, I would only have one or two cups of tea usually on the weekends.  I told myself it’s because I am particular about my tea and wanted the ritual of making good tea …

However, in the last few years I have had to cut out the caffeine.  Increasingly I found I was badly dehydrated and had really severe headaches.  I recently discovered that these are actually migraines.  The headaches made me physically sick, tired and I would need a good night’s sleep to recover.

The mindfulness of brewing good tea during a tea break
Mindful Brewing of Tea During our Tea Break

As I made a shift in career and my tea business meant I blended and tasted my own teas, I was drinking more tea than coffee. To fully taste and savour the teas and other ingredients that I use for blending, it’s so important to keep the ability to taste as ‘clean’ as possible. 

The reversal in career and the necessity of tasting and drinking more tea has made a huge difference in how migraines affect me.

The bonus has been how this has had an impact on my productivity.  Most notably I see my output and capacity both mentally and physically has increased in;

  • My energy levels are more stable, not such highs and then the lows which difficult to manage. This would explain the need to drink more coffee and then feeling exhausted and listless.
  • My appetite is regular and manageable.  Before that,  my meals and what I ate was determined by work and how much coffee I had had.  Coffee is no longer used to suppress hunger.
  • Concentration has increased many folds; I am able to work on a single aspect of a project without the need to multitask.  My focus is what needs to be done for the day.
  • Sense of calm; I am better able to judge what my priorities and act accordingly.
  • My sleep is so much more restful and I wake up more refreshed.

I found that when I changed my tea drinking habits, other change fell into place naturally.  Most notably:

  • Having regular, timely and nutritious meals.
  • A need to have a physical and mentally calming activity.
  • Wee bit of self-care goes a long way

Increasing productivity has many facets to it.  For me tasting and drinking tea has opened the possibility of not just increasing my productivity naturally but also given me some insights.  Those are the ones that make change more permanent.

Far less headaches with tea than coffee
Calm before you Make Those Important Calls and Writing those Crazy Brilliant Ideas!
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