Productivity Tips for the Busy Tea-Lover

Every Sunday, you set intentions for the week ahead; plan, prepare and proceed!  Then Monday morning starts with a nightmare journey into work or the meeting you had been prepping for ages gets postponed.  Or if like me, you are self-employed the co-working space has poor internet connectivity and all your plans needs to be rejigged.

You have probably read all the tips on how to be productive at work, home and all the other things you do in-between.  I am sure you practice these religiously but I want you to think of it a wee bit differently. Especially for you, my tea lover.

Start the day with a tea brewing ritual:

Morning ritual of making tea
Start the Day as You Want the Rest of it to Be – Restful and Calm

I am not too strict about only using tea leaves here (just know I would prefer if you did but…)

No music or TV, let the quite permeate your space, breathe deeply and think of nothing but the actions necessary to make tea;

Fill the kettle with fresh drawn filtered water, set to boil

In the meantime, set out your tea ware

Measure out tea leaves for you and everyone else who needs it.  Slide the leaves into the teapot,

Pour the hot water,

Set the sand timer on for the required time,

While you wait for the timer, set the sieve over your cup/s, and just wait…stillness…I know you have a lot to do before you need to head out the front door but resist the urge to start breakfast/think of dinner/etc.

When the timer is done, pour the tea into your cup/s.  Pick yours up, walk to your favourite part of the kitchen/house and slowly sip your tea.  Take as long as you need.

Green whole leaf tea
Brewed Tea Leaves

After which there is the washing up and breakfast to get ready.  The general mayhem of a morning will descend at this point.  But you have had to time to arrange your mind to face the world.

Continue with all the other tips that you have read or been told about.

At the elevenses hour, practice the above.  This time though maybe brew tea for the whole team. 

At around 3/4pm when you are likely to hit that ‘wall’ and folks have been known to pop out to get a sugary something to keep them going.  You can serenely make tea, take a bit of Zen time and glide back to your desk.

If you are the kind to make lists of things to do, by now either you have only ticked 2 items and/or the list is gotten a lot longer!  There are two options I usually take:

  1. Make a realistic list; at the most I will have only 3 items.  If these tasks need lots of time it will just be 1 item on the list. However if I know that some of these jobs will take a combination of half a day or just a few minutes then a maximum of 3.  I would rather add to the list than feel I have to defer it to tomorrow or next week.
  2. If it’s an item that has been deferred repeatedly, time to consider if I can/want to do it.  In most cases, I wold need to get help or time get professional help.

However you schedule your days, it’s the quite moments of reflection that gives and allows you time to think and reconnect.

Even the simplest acts of brewing tea can be elevated to a thing of beauty
Starting the Morning With Calm