Quick Cocktail

The quickest and easiest tea cocktail to make. Use up that bit of tea sitting in the back of your tea cupboard.

The quickest and easiest tea cocktail you could make with just 2 ingredients thats already in your cupboards,  As easy as making a cup of tea
Quick Cocktail with White or Jasmine Green Tea.


6g/2 tea bags of light green tea/jasmine green tea/white tea

400ml of filtered water, boiled

200ml @TwelveBelow Apple and Garden Mint

Garnish – slices of cucumber

Alcoholic version – add 2 shots of gin or white rum


Brew the tea and leave to cool. Strain and pour into a tall jug/bottle and add the alcohol if you are boozing it up.

Top up with the Apple and Garden Mint tonic and cucumber slices .