The Earl on the Moor
A noble Earl Grey with a wild side.

Across the open moor, the wind rushes, your hair blows, the purple heather tickles and teases in the breeze. And there he is: The noble Earl – grey at first – but as you get closer, he’s warm, deep, wind-swept. His eyes are wild, sitting atop a blood-orange throne.

Share your feelings to feel better.

For when you’re feeling blue from flu or when you just know they were talking about you. Pour a steaming hot pot of Empa-Tea when you’re with friends who know how you feel. The golden ginger, silky citrus and punchy peppercorn pack a punch, to help clear your head, calm you down and help you feel better.

Dark Romance
A steamy treat before bed

You’ve had quite the evening. Good food, great company, but it’s not over yet. Time for dessert. Something chocolatey perhaps? They say it’s an aphrodisiac. You pour two cups of Dark Romance. A powerful mouthful of flavours; cocoa, vanilla, peppermint. You’re not tired, but something tells you it’s time for bed

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