Sugar in Tea

One lump or two?

Lets keep the tea virgin

Sugar in Tea. How much to sweeten black tea.  Brewing time will make a difference. Honey or artificial sweetener to sweeten tea.  Custom or necessary?
Sugar in Tea?

White powder in your daily cup of tea.  Does your tea brewing ritual include spooning a few spoons of sugar? Rituals are ‘a series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone’.  They become such a part of our daily routines that we don’t stop to think about them.  Especially so with those routines we perform every day at a certain time.   Time to rethink some of our habits and look a little deeper at why we do have these established habits.

Tea rituals can be enormously beneficial in our busy lives. Practice of rituals has been known to help with mental fatigue. However, if we swipe away all that away with what we put in our teas, wont that be a waste?

Sugar in Black Tea

Before you spoon in brown sugar instead of your usual white because that might be ‘healthier/better’, try it without.  Do you find your tea just too strong and so you add sugar (and milk) to make it palatable?

Here is an alternative to adding more to reduce the bitterness – brew your black tea:

  • 2-3 minutes if the leaves are small or if it’s a tea bag
  • 4-5 minutes for larger leaves

Another option is; buy good tea.  Tea that is grown and made for drinking without any need for sugar or milk.

Add milk and sugar to take the bitterness out of black tea?  Why, when the right way of brewing tea makes it unnessary
Sugar to Sweeten Your Tea

Honey in Tea

No! In a word.  Like sugar, honey distorts the taste of tea. The only exception is if you are poorly and want the comfort of tea and the goodness of natural honey.

Sweetener in Tea

Artificial sweeteners – does it not leave such a feigned taste.  If you feel the need to use sweeteners, its just simply habitual.  Its because we have had sugar and now we have been told sugar is bad so sweetener is an alternative, a bad one but one we believe gives us the same great taste of tea. Almost certainly not.

There are some teas are very strong in taste like the Irish Breakfast Blend, Assam, Russian Caravan, these might need a little something to make it palatable.  Might I suggest that you try a nub of jaggery? If you have any suggestions that would not tar tea but only enhance the taste, drop us a comment and lets share!

What do you use to sweeten your black tea?
Sugar? Artificial Sweetener? Honey? What do you use?