Summer Punch

Overflowing bowls of summer tea punch to get the barbecue or summer party started. Fragrant and a drink from start to finish of any summer gathering.

Tea cocktails can be made as alcoholic and non-alcoholic and I have given alternatives.

Tea cocktail with Earl on the Moor for a summer punch with alcohol or you can make it non-alcoholic. Carmelised honey tea with zesty juicy tangerines and grapefruit.
Summer Punch with Burnt Honey and Tea


3/4 tangerines, peeled and juice of 3

200g local runny honey

3g/1 tea bag of Earl of the Moor

200ml of filtered hot water

10 dashes of @Everleaf bitters

300ml of fresh white grapefruit juice

400ml/2 bottles of @TwelveBelow, Classic

Ganish with segments of the tangerine and edible flowers

Alcoholic Tea Cocktail – replace 200ml of the tonic with a lager with bitter notes like @BrewDog’s Lost Lager


Place the tangerine peels in a pan and pour over the honey and place over the hob and gently heat. When the honey bubbles and caramelises to a darker hue. Remove and leave to cool.

Brew the Earl on the Moor in hot water for 4./5 minutes. Strain over the cooled honey and tangerine peels and stir. Leave to cool and remove the tangerine peel.

Pour the honey tea, bitters, grapefruit and tangerine juices, lager (if you making it as an alcoholic tea cocktail) and tonic water. Stir well and garnish. Ladle the summer punch into glasses with ice.