Tea and Mindfulness … and Love Island

I was at an event recently where the speakers asked if anyone in the audience meditated at all.  There was a wide range of answers; from those who set time aside usually at the same hour religiously every day to others who dip in and out or those who they (think) don’t meditate at all.

Interestingly some panel members thought you had to set time aside to practice.  This could be first thing in the morning or sometime during the day.  Though one said what I think is true for me and I think for you too?  We meditate when we loose ourselves in whatever activity we are engaged in.  The difference between ‘work’ and activity is that the latter is one we engage in because it’s relaxing.

Be it running or walking or a physical exercise in which you are conscious only of movement.  When you are ‘in the moment’ and engaged in your hobby.  Stamp collecting or putting together a new playlist. Or even when you are watching Love Island! It could be when you stare into the middle distance when you are drinking your tea.

It’s whatever gets you to the place where you are ready to start tackling the next job.