Tea Smoked Salmon

Smoking Salmon

Earl Grey tea is flavoured with bergamot and so I thought smoking with it would give it a natural citrus infusion.  I smoked it in my oven, you will need to have your extractors switched on and are aware of smoke alarms.  Unlike me and you find out the rather ‘loud’ way!

Salmon cooks quickly and absorbs flavours even more swiftly.  The other option is smoke it on a wok and over a hob.  The smoking method is the same.


4 fillets of salmon (about 100g each)

10ml of vegetable oil

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

250g Earl Grey tea leaves

2/3 lemon/lime peels


Preheat the oven to 250°C (conventional oven)/480°F/gas mark 9.

Line a baking tray/wok with strong aluminium foil.

Scatter the Earl Grey tea leaves in the centre of the baking tray/wok making sure the tea leaves mixture is at least 2-3 cm in depth.  You could add lemon/lime peels to further enhance the citrusy notes.

Place the tray with the tea leave mixture in the oven and because of the high heat, it will start smoking quite quickly.

Add salt and pepper to the fish and oil the skin.