The 5 Questions I Get Asked Most Often About Tea

I am still surprised that people have so many questions on tea!  Even though it’s the second most popular beverage in the world, the first is water! So, you would think that people would know a little more than I discovered!

Tea Leaves Brewing
Can you spot the lighter leaves in the pot? Yes? Well done, those are the tea buds!

I have ranked the ones I get asked the most often below:

  1. Q – How is black tea different from green tea?

A – The main difference is how it’s processed.  Black tea is processed more than green tea is.  Green tea is processed in many different ways; differs from country to country e.g. Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and regionally as well.

2. Q – Are there different tea plants for black, green, white tea?

A – All tea comes from the mother plant Camellia Sinensis and Camilla Sinesis Assamia.  From these two, there are many varietals. The difference between the types of tea; black, green, white, etc is primarily the processing of tea.

3. Q – How much of the tea plant is used to make our tea?

A – This is dependent on the type of tea that’s to be made, time of harvest, type of plant/varietal.  Generally for loose leaf tea that’s of a higher quality, it’s the first 2 young leaves and the bud.  Though if the tea estates use machines to harvest, then there will be stems as well.

Whole Tea Leaves, just add Water to Release the Flavours
Each of these are whole tea leaves

4. Q – Is it true that there is only dust (from tea processing) in teabags?

A – Not at all, most tea factories will use leaves that allow for the convenience and speed that a teabag calls for.  It’s not the sweepings off the factory floor; the leaves have been cut much smaller for that purpose.

5. Q – Which is better for you; green or black tea?

A – my least favourite question!! Because it requires such a long explanation of the types of tea leaves used, the processing and then the brewing methods.  Most people want an answer which does not involve any of the above.  So, I keep it simple and say it could be either, just depends on how you make it and when you have it.

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Serving tea in a pot with a cup and saucer.  Teabag or loose leaf, its shows a bit of care
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