Types of Tea Bags

Stuffed and bagged.  Ever looked at tea bags and stopped to think about why there are so many types? Surely a tea bag is a tea bag?!  Turns out that not all tea bags are the same.  Not just the actual tea bags but the additional packaging those bags comes in. 

Types of tea bags , material that the tea bag is made of.  Is there plastic in your tea? Tea bags sometimes use a sealant which as tiny particles of plastic .  Additional packing of tea bags and the reasons for this
Tea Bags – Whats it Made of and What’s in it?

What’s in Tea Bags

Let’s look at the most important aspect of a tea bag; what’s in it? Apart from the size and shape of the bag itself, you should have really good quality tea leaves inside it.  Not the tiny particle that’s flying out from tea bag number 2 in my video.

The reason some tea manufacturers make tea that looks unrecognisable is so that you get colour and some flavour really quickly.  Convenience and time are very valuable; however it seems to be at the expense of quality.

If it’s a herbal tea, all the herbs, spices, flowers and other ingredients are about the same size.  The tea bag should have enough room for the tea to move around and release its flavours naturally.

Plastic Free Tea Bags

Where polypropylene is used to seal tea bags, these tea bags will add to the tiny amounts of plastic in your household and compost bins.  The tea bags will not completely compost nor are you able to recycle it.

Other considerations:

  • The tea bag itself is not made of plastic,
  • Make sure there are no staples holding the tag to the bag,
  • No glue has been used to fuse the tea bag and tag.

The material of the tea bag should be made of natural fibre so it’s able to release flavours and fragrance gently and gradually.

Other Parts of the Tea Bag

“How long is a piece of string?” It does seem to be a relevant question when the string on a tea bag is so long (as in the first tea bag).  The string and tag too needs to be biodegradable. A few years ago, I would not have thought that the humble tea bag would be warrant a tea blog! But, here we are!!