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What is Tea Cocktail

Tea cocktail?  Stirred or shaken?! Does the word tea in front of cocktail seem like a ‘strange’ request? Actually it’s not that peculiar at all.  There are many types of tea, flavours and these differences give us extraordinary depth of taste.  Tea is very versatile, it can be infused with cordials, bitters and alcohol. Hot and cold brewed teas can be used as a mixer for your cocktails. 

Tea cocktails. Infuse tea in alcohol and use to make a cocktail layered with bold and subtle flavours.  Sparkling tea cocktails using herbs, fruits and bitters.  Tea cocktails that are so different and new to any dinner party or drinks with friends
Tea Cocktail – Sparkling and Refreshing

Tea infusions and mixers can be made well ahead of time. This leaves you plenty of time to indulge in the art of concocting your own cocktail.  Let your imagination fly!

The enormous range just in black tea; breakfast tea to smoky teas to white tea with its delicate flavours can be infused into and with. Green teas; lush, deep and dark flavours of these sun dried, roasted and steamed teas. Blended with squash (not the overtly sweet version) or with bitters makes a far more complex aperitif.

For really grown up version, a puerh tea keeps on giving.  Aged teas taste different each time you brew the same leaves.  These pair so well with bold spices and heavier liquors.

Your everyday teas like Earl Grey (Earl on the Moor), jasmine and green tea, mint and camomile. Of course, rooibos and the vast collection of herbal teas.

Tea cocktails that can be made with herbal teas and infusions.  Cold brewed herbal tea, add vitamin C tablets to give it some fizz.  Add some ginger, honey and pink salt to top up your vit C levels.  A great one for children too!
Virgin Tea Cocktails

How to Make Tea Cocktail

A rough guide to what tea to use for your tea cocktail:

Black Teas – full of robust flavours – infuse in rum, whisky

Roasted and Aged Teas – complex and flavourful – goes well with dark liquors

Green Tea – refreshing and light – white spirits

White Tea – very subtle – sparkling

Sparling Tea – with champagne, cava, prosecco

Fermented Teas (kombucha) – use as bitters or for a pre-meal aperitif

Virgin Cocktails

How to Make a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

A rough guide to making tea cocktails without alcohol:

Use the general theme from above but with virgin cocktails you can really bring in lots more to the party.

Cold brewed teas – with bitters, fruit syrups

Sparling tea – straight up or add to cordials.

Now, that you are inspired and ready with your shaker, lets make some! You don’t have far to go, its ALL on this very blog!!


Tea Cocktail with Live Fizz

Mid-day Cocktail or Cocktail for Anytime of the Day AND its Kid Friendly too.⁠🌱⁠Ingredients⁠⁠1 litre of cold filtered water⁠10-15g or 5-7 teabags of Empa-Tea🍃⁠1 vitamin C tablet (available from pharmacist or supermarkets)⁠Mint tops for garnish⁠⁠Additional Ingredients – came about after our tasting session⁠⁠2 tablespoons of honey⁠Pinch of salt⁠🌱⁠Method ⁠⁠I love cold-brewing teas overnight for cocktails which is what I did for this but you can brew the Empa-Tea in hot water and leave in the fridge for 2/3 hours in a tall glass jug.⁠⁠Strain/take the teabags out, the herbal tea🍃.⁠⁠Get all your cocktail glasses and garnish ready since this is a cocktail that needs to be drunk straight away.⁠⁠Take the tall glass jug to the table, plop the vitamin C tablet in and leave it to fizz out.⁠⁠Add the honey and salt, stir, pour into glasses and garnish with a flourish!⁠⁠⁠🌿

Posted by Miss TeaSmith on Saturday, 21 March 2020
How to Make Tea Cocktails
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