Where to Store Your Tea?

You have got some amazing tea and you want to make sure it stays fresh and tastes as good as the first cup. The tea may have come in a tin, glass jar, paper or foil packet, or you may have been given a sample in a reseal-able bag.

Tins, Carton, Paper, Foil, Glass, Plastic, Etc

The Ideal Spot

Tea needs to be kept in:

  • An airtight tin that has room for the leaves to relax (you don’t want to be squeezing all those leaves)
  • Away from sunlight (or strobes)
  • Nowhere near any direct or indirect heat
  • Keep away from humidity and moisture(use a dry spoon when measuring out your tea)
  • When storing with other flavoured teas, an airtight tin would be best so there is no mingling of fragrances

Tins – Tightly Sealed

Housed In

In a cool and dark space.  This maybe your kitchen cupboard, in which case make sure the tins are away from your kettle or radiators or anything else that emit heat.   The only exception is this is matcha tea.  This lovely greenness does need to be stored in the fridge.  Though the 5 rules above apply, to preserve the flavour, colour and goodness.

Tightly Sealed Lids(lips)