Worry-free Packaging

Hassle free packing for your everyday tea.  Recycle and reusable tins and plastic
Start a sunflower seeding in out tea tin

I would carefully un-wrap the colourful shiny foil from chocolates when I was a child.  Gently ease and stretch it out and save it in my books. Then use it to decorate homemade cards, to embellish plain wrapping paper and add extra sparkle to decorations.  Didn’t think of that as reusing and recycling what would have gone into the rubbish bin. 

To do so now with our packaging for your tea?  Its been somewhat a different challenge, it’s taken the longest time, finding and choosing packaging for the tea blends that fulfilled the most important criteria:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Design
Tins that have multi uses after the tea has been drank and the plastic that can go into the compost heap
Recyclable and Reusable

For all the publicity that we now see and drive to ensure every element of packaging needing to be sustainable.  It’s still a burgeoning arm of a long established industry.  In all my research, speaking with large to small packaging companies I found that there were considerations I had never even thought of;

  • Not all of the packaging is made of the same material.  For example, the inner packaging could be made with plastic that cannot/is not recycled by your local authority.  

Unless we take it apart and put into the appropriate recycling bin, the whole thing is considered general waste.  Who has the time to read all about the packaging material and also to take it apart to discard it properly?

  • If there is inner packaging, is that compostable? Recyclable?
  • A carton or a box – is ALL of it going to meet our sustainable goals?  The labels for example, price stickers, tags, ribbons, etc.

Our teas are packed in tins; this is where design played a part too:

  • We wanted one that fits into your hands well and one you can reuse. The tin is designed with a lid that fits snuggly so you can refill your tea and tea will retain its freshness.
  • Our teas will have plenty of room to breathe until you brew it. 
  • There are multiple uses for the tins after;
  • Stock herbs and spices
  • Food that needs to kept in an air tight container
  • Pencil and pen holders
  • Vase for fresh or dried flowers
  • Store those items that you seem to be looking for endlessly
Guilt less pleasures - everyday things that are made easy to protect the environment
A good tea – Guiltless pleasures

Freshness is one of most important factors when you have a good tea.  Almost always tea is packaged in a plastic bag before its dropped into either a box or carton.  That plastic may or may not be recyclable.

Our inner packaging is compostable so you can discard it in your general waste or your compost heap.  It’s easy and convenient for you, you don’t have to think about the environmental impact.

The little things we do now will have a huge impact on our environment for all our tomorrows
Impact on our Parks and Countryside