Your Tea Drinking Habits – Ingrained or Open to Change?


I want to understand how and why you drink tea, do you drink black tea only(with milk and sugar) and at a particular time of day? Or do you drink tea though-out the day?  Do you drink tea blends or tisanes(herbal tea) for example green tea and jasmine or green tea and lemon?

How does drinking tea make you feel?  Do you drink tea with cake/snacks or with a meal?  Would you like to drink more tea, say with a meal you won’t ordinarily have it with?

To help answer these and more, some students at the University of Huddersfield have compiled the survey below:

You may need to copy and paste to a new tab to be able to complete it.

Your responses will shape not just the types of tea we have but also widen the scope of how its offered.

Thank you so much!


Miss TeaSmith